The Why

I have decided to express my thoughts for two reasons. To make sure I don’t forget them, and secondly, to open myself to public critique. I’m not always right, even though I like to think that I am but the more I am proven wrong, the more opportunities I have to learn and improve upon myself. Being wrong in today’s society has a bad stigma attached to it, being wrong today almost means that you are a failure, and thus people take it very personally. I have recently taken the mental attitude to re-associate being wrong to being a good thing, for the more I am proven wrong, the smarter I get, and the less I get proven wrong with time, the smarter I am. Anyway, that’s just my train of thought.

I like to talk about everything, so my posts will range from mildly to incredibly stupid, to hopefully thought-provoking and everything in-between.

2 thoughts on “The Why”

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