Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get Any Love?

It’s fascinating watching the american media covering the Presidential race. Well, not so much fascinating as mind-blowing as its so blatantly obvious that the media is pulling their own agenda in regards to whom are eligible as the next candidates. As such, a candidate like Ron Paul gets next to no coverage whatsoever.

I believe the reason is, is that Ron Paul threatens the establishment. As is plainly obvious, the corporations of America have taken controlled of its government, and the way they did it was not hard at all. Bribery is legal, campaign donations are legal, and only come if the candidate or party they donate to propagate their viewpoints. This upper level of society has in a way usurped power from the democracy. Such as the military industrial complex, that FDR warned Americans about 50 years ago, that thrives on perpetual war. They will fight tooth and nail before any troops are ever called home. They make too much money from death and destruction to care about spending trillions of dollars that America doesn’t have. Like the food giants who make it ever difficult for small farmers to get their products to market, and use dangerous chemicals to streamline the food production system that threaten the lives of millions. Ron Paul threatens everything that doesn’t make sense, and that is why he gets no coverage at all.

Ron Paul’s mission is to cut the waste out of government. He wants to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, and the 250,000 other troops stationed around the world for no reason. This costs a huge amount of money, and is no longer required. He wants to cut down on the size of the government, to only its essential functions and leave the rest to the private sector.

In a way, I understand why these corporations act the way they do. They act only in their own self-interest. Much as we all would. We act and do the things we do so that we can have a paycheck, food and a home etc. Except in their case, they are beholden to shareholders who demand more money than the last quarter. We, as humans always want more, and bigger or both. Notice how we keep building bigger cities, and taller buildings decade after decade, we are all over-compensating for something. Now, while I understand it, I don’t excuse it. They need to wake up and smell the roses and adhere to the will of the people as you are supposed to in a democracy.But through the continued lobbying of politicians and their parties, they continue to get what they want and will continue to do so until people wake up and have their voices drown out the donations of corporations, which is a very tall order.

Ron Paul is the one contender who has never changed his viewpoints for the sake of an audience. He doesn’t try to sugarcoat his message or dumb it down. He says what he believes in, and he says exactly what he will do once he’s in office. He’s not afraid to discuss any topic and give his own take on it. Agree with him, or disagree with him, it doesn’t matter. That’s the way a politician should act. That’s whats been missing from government for so long. I can’t ever remember a time (but I am only 26) where a politician was so candid, honest and even ready to admit his shortcomings.

Just read this open letter that Ron Paul wrote himself, and see for yourself how different a politician this man is from the rest of the crowd. Then check out the funny video of the Daily Shows take on the media ignoring Ron Paul.

I am inspired by the Occupy Wall St movement that has cropped up while I have written this blog post. I only hope that it doesn’t get hijacked by other parties with their own interests at heart, much like the tea party was in its infancy a few years ago. The founder of the tea party disavowed the party saying that it had been hijacked, read the following quote:

“It began as a movement to take back the United States from corrupt politicians. The Tea Party movement has been hijacked by Republicans and is now all about guns, gods and gays. Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker was one of the original founders of the Tea Party and calls the direction of the group an absolute joke.” – Karl Denninger

What does the future hold? Does Ron Paul stand a chance, or will a dim-witted talking points politician again take the reins of the Presidency, and democracy wither away ever more? I would like to hear other people’s opinion on this, leave a comment and lets gets a good discussion going.

Until next week.

7 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get Any Love?”

  1. Very good post. Your only mistake was to be too naive, in this part: “They need to wake up and smell the roses and adhere to the will of the people as you are supposed to in a democracy”. This is never gonna happen. That’s why we need a system with checks and balances, in which one sector controls the other one to prevent that in the seek of their own well (which is normal, as you said it yourself) they do not harm society. 🙂

    1. Yeah its never going to happen, but checks and balances on a private elite who aren’t part of government isn’t possible. What I mean to say I guess, that the rich have never understood, is that all their lobbying for themselves, creates so many distortions in the economy, that in the long run, the poor become end up becoming even more impoverished as a result. The rich are already rich, they shouldnt need to bribe politicians to get more rich. They already have huge economic advantages and that should be enough. That in essence, is my point. They need to realize they are shooting themselves in the foot in the long run.

  2. Laws, institutions, and society itself can act as checks and balances. When people stop buying from a company because that company uses slaves or kids as their work force, or when people prefer one company that pollutes less to another that still doesn’t care about the environment, that’s society acting and changing companies’ behavior 🙂

    1. The term ‘checks and balances’ is usually referred to the government sector so I interpreted it as such. For everyone else, its just law and regulations that we must adhere to. But yes, you are right in that there are checks and balances by consumers on companies. I just misinterpreted your meaning before. 🙂

  3. Ron Paul would make an irresponsible U.S. leader on the world stage. He doesn’t care about foreign policy, only about making as much money as possible. Under his leadership, Iran would get the Bomb. That’s why he has no chance.

    1. One – The CIA, the FBI, and 16 other federal agencies of the US government have said that Iran stopped pursuing a bomb in 2003, as well as the IAEA. Everything you’ve been hearing recently is politics and lies.
      Two – The USA is the only superpower in the world because it is first and foremost, an economic superpower. Everything else flows from that foundation. If the USA were to lose it’s economic superiority (which it is), it will lose everything else. Ron Paul’s plan is better for America…

      1. One – Yes, it’s well-known that both Iran and Libya stopped pursuing the bomb in 2003 *after* the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

        But a decade later, Iran is *currently* being suspected of pursuing nuclear weapons capability.

        The two are not mutually exclusive.

        Two – What about energy security? Iran is already the strongest conventional power in the Middle East. With its terrorist proxies, it also has the strongest asymmetric capabilities.

        The only thing that can keep Iran from swallowing the Middle East is that the world powers – the U.S., EU, Russia and China would not allow Iran to capture the oil rich region and military intervention would be inevitable.

        However, if Iran were to get nuclear weapons capability, that would give it immunity from military intervention.

        Iran knows that their time of ascendancy is at hand, and that’s why they view it as a calculated risk.

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