What is the Meaning of Life?

Do You Know the Meaning of Life?

I do. There isn’t one! Shocked? Now that that’s out of the way. Let me explain why. The Universe was created from nothing, or quite possibly something. We don’t know what there was before it happened, multiple theories abound about parallel universes, 11 dimensions but I digress.

What we do know is that since the Big Bang, the Universe has followed a predictable rulebook that repeats itself ad infinitum and will continue to do so until maximum entropy (heat death) of the Universe. This predictable rule is an increase in the complexity of matter. From Hydrogen through to the other 91 naturally occurring elements on the periodic table.

This same increase in complexity is how evolution has also progressed; from single-celled organisms to the 50 trillion celled Ape cousin writing this. So the question remains, if everything around us is predictable to a certain extent, how can there be a meaning of life? It wasn’t magic or spontaneous, but inevitable, and with an estimated 2 billion Earth-like planets in our Milky Way galaxy alone, and at least 100 billion other galaxies in the observable Universe, you can bet a fat kid some cake that there is life elsewhere.

Life just is. The Universe doesn’t operate on our needs or wants, or biases and prejudices, or our hopes and aspirations. It just does, and it just is. We can try to make sense of how the Universe operates, the hows and the whats, but never the why. We will never get a 3rd party perspective on the Universe because we can never go out and look back in. Even if we could, we might only find other Universes further pushing the question into the realm of impossibility.

Therefore, the question may as well not exist.

Now just because there isn’t a general meaning of life, doesn’t mean there can’t be a personal meaning of life. In the words of Carl Sagan “We are the custodians of Life’s meaning”. Life is not without meaning provided you see in yourself, a purpose to your own life.

16 thoughts on “What is the Meaning of Life?”

  1. Sometimes, and this is certainly one of those times, “no answer” is the best answer. The meaning of life will change and vary from individual to individual. Some people will find love and happiness the meaning of life and chase those moments. Some people will chase money. Some will chase knowledge. Some, power. There definitely isn’t a clear cut, one size fits all, response and your post does a good job pointing that out.

      1. You should probably explain your full meaning. And read the whole post too. It sounds like you think you’re on the other side of this debate against me but you’re on my side.

      2. sorry, I posted the second comment after the first one right away, before getting your comment. because i thought the first comment is not full expressed 🙂

  2. could you please explain the forth paragraph?, seems that we are not on the same language and I need to understand your language.

    1. I talk about the predictable increase in complexity of the Universe. At the beginning there was nothing, then stars formed, then they exploded and new stars were formed with their remnants, then galaxies, then asteriods, planets, moons etc. So the entire process from the beginning to us, is a statistical outcome that must have been replicated elsewhere, and it wasn’t just magic, and we aren’t special. Thats all I mean.

  3. Aha! Reading your other article “This Is How The Universe Happened. It’s Not Magic”, I felt sure that you would feel this way!!:)

    But I think it’s a cop-out when you say “Now just because there isn’t a general meaning of life, doesn’t mean there can’t be a personal meaning of life.” Your line of thinking results in the inevitable conclusion that there is no such thing as “life”. Accept it.

  4. You put your name down as ‘truthhurts’, and since I’m a big fan of irony (look it up if you don’t know what it means), let me distill what you just said into simple language you will understand.
    I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I offer my opinion based on objective analysis of the universe at large, and enjoy a good discussion. Nothing I’ve said up there is conjecture, aside from ruling out the conjecture of a general meaning of life (-1 * -1 = 1), and make a correct statement that each person’s meaning of life can only be set by that person themselves. As obvious a truism as there is ever going to be.
    But, since you make the assumption that I assume things, and that makes me mentally ill. You assuming that I assume things makes you mentally ill too.
    By the way, our society is 100% reliant on science and technology. Without science (which laid the foundation for technology), everything about modern life would disappear, and we would be reduced back to the violent, diseased, local and linear world of our ancestors in all its brutality and shortsighted death and misery. The fact that you can’t see that speaks volumes about how much your worldview is worth… Read a science book or something, you might learn a thing or two. Adieus…

  5. Life and all that is in it is a gift from the infinite mind / God;
    And the only way that life can go wrong is by the limited finite mind / Man.

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