Wouldn’t Heaven be Boring? [Random Rationality Chapter]

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Lets pretend that the Abrahamic god does exist, and that depending upon your Earthly actions, you will be met with a heavenly eternity, or perhaps a fiery one, like myself and perhaps even those 93% of scientists who selfishly work to improve the human quality of life developing new medicines, knowledge and insights into the Universe expanding the tools we have at our disposal.

You lead a good life, you help the poor, you follow the 613 commandments and so on; and upon your Fortunate death you are received at the pearly gates.

How will you spend your first year in heaven? Re-connecting with loved ones perhaps.

How about your first decade? Long walks on cloud 9 picking the brains of Jesus, Abraham, Mohammed, Einstein, Elvis, and perhaps even the big G himself, exploring the vast sanctum of his infinite knowledge using the heavenly version of our own big G; Google.

God = Google? I’m just throwing it out there and seeing what sticks.

How about the first century? Trying all the experiences you were too scared to do while you were a lowly mortal, only to find out the thrill is gone now that Death no longer lingers close by.

What about the next thousand years, and the million after? And then the trillion after that, and the next 10 trillion years after your first big T party? Now what?

I guarantee you one day, you’re going to want to not be there. What could possibly make eternity fun?

If you have ever eaten more than 5 chocolate bars in a row, then you probably know what heaven will feel like it. The first one tastes amazing; by the second your taste buds are a bit desensitized, but it still tastes good, ditto with the third and fourth, until you finally try on a 5th one for size, and it tastes like nothing, just a bland paste while your mouth goes through the motions.

We all had this feeling as kids, and perhaps as teens for the sweeter toothed among us, and even now for myself. But take that feeling, multiply it by a really large number and you’ll get a taste about how boring heaven would eventually get. One day, it will be no different from death.

Does the eternal darkness seem so scary now?

This is chapter 4 from my eBook Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World available on Kindle and Paperback.

4 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Heaven be Boring? [Random Rationality Chapter]”

    1. That could be true, but still, the more probable scenario is that heaven doesn’t exist. I talk about it to explore the possibility that heaven is not what religion says it is. Religion says that heaven is a perfect Earth, or a perfect similar location. I am giving my own interpretation.. If my interpretation is moot, then so are all the others, the Bible, the Quran, et al, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

  1. Because we do not know about what being in Heaven would be like, it’s easy to think it might be boring. But, boredom is a human imperfection and will not exist in Heaven.

  2. Heaven as a perfect earth, why not . ‘Our father who art in heaven….on earth as it is in heaven’…..forgiveness, etc etc ?!?!?!? Perhaps the word ‘God’ is just a derivation of the word ‘Good’, worthy of more rational analysis. My view is nature is perfect but humans haven’t properly reconciled themselves with it. Maybe ritual and mythology are homo-sapiens’ way of trying to decipher emotive impulses from the unconscious autonomous nervous system that are meant to evolve the species into a more resilient and sustainable state of consciousness. Adaption that requires the development of one’s, dare I say it, emotional intelligence, through increased awareness of the role of subjective experience. Consider perhaps deism and the possibility of symbolism effecting change upon neural development and subsequent mood and behaviour in open hearted open minded individuals partaking in such endeavours out of their own volition and the effect that such activity, undertaken scientifically, might have on the development of societies. Consider also that the ‘enlightenment’ in Europe was maybe no more than a reaction by a bunch of philosopher alchemists to the commercial hegemony of those who were organising religious activity in order to restrict the freedom of religious practice and control the masses for political and economic expedience, thus curtailing progress in scientific religious endeavour. Sounds like a reasonable rational to me, albeit a conspiracy theory also.

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