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You Know What, Shut the F#$K Up & Keep Your Opinion to Yourself

I have watched a disturbing trend unfold in the west. I’m sure most of you have noticed too, it is the shouting from the rooftops of opinions that have no goddamn place anywhere except for in your own stupid head, mine included.

Few things deserve to be talked about, but instead of talking about those issues, we end up talking about homosexuals, gay rights, religious tolerance, freedom, so on and so forth and etc etc etc. Why are these things a national issue? Why do people care what other people do with their own lives?

I know the irony in me stating my opinion on it, but the purpose of this blog is to talk about issues in a rational and logical way. I do this for a very simple reason; others take it upon themselves to tell others how to live by intruding into the public sphere and dissecting it ad infinitum, actually distracting from real matters of importance that result in a degradation of the society’s health, and I, as well as many others, dissect these issues, so there is a logical, rational, REAL rebuttal that people can have access too. Our opinionating, and factoid making are only necessary when dumb, ignorant people try to force their wrong opinions on everyone.

This blog, though this post in particular, are concerned with providing the right answer, a rebuttal, and be the voice of reason to a lot of the stupid things we bicker over, and while some are worthy of bickering, most aren’t. So here is a simple and obvious thought, if what is about to come out of your mouth to either, another person or a group of people, and targets something they do, or don’t do, but doesn’t affect your life, or other innocent people, aside from the bruising of your ego, then shut the f#$k up and keep it to yourself.

People that do that, are hurting people, both mentally and physically. Instead of talking about child poverty, we talk about contraception. Instead of talking about the military industrial complex, we talk about patriotism and other examples to many to list. So do yourself a favour, and shut the f#$k up.

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

4 thoughts on “You Know What, Shut the F#$K Up & Keep Your Opinion to Yourself”

  1. I understand your point but disagree with your conclusion. One reason for why I disagree is that by giving their opinion, even if wrong, these people made it possible that you answered them and explained why you think they are wrong. Hopefully as a result they can think about their points and maybe change their minds.

    1. You have a point, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that they can hurt or kill people with some of these opinions. Things of matter do need discussing, though things that aren’t important don’t, such as gay marriage et al.

      That’s the point I trying to make. 🙂

  2. But that is the exact thought coming from the other side. They think that by giving their opinion they may be able to get you to think about it and change your mind. So since each side is only dead set on changing the others mind and has their ears closed there is NO POINT. All you end up with is a heated argument. With religious people, the bible is all the proof in the world they need, for others the bible is irrational and ignorant. That is the sole divider between the two sides, and neither can change the others opinion because it is based simply on faith. Who are you to change someone’s faith?

    1. I know it’s a thought from the other side, and I admit that myself, but the distinction is that I (and others) wouldn’t need to do it were it not for ignorant people forcing their beliefs on others. I am no one to change someones faith, I am merely calling people with stupid faiths out for hurting others. My opinions aren’t based on faith, they are based in evidence and logic. When somebody with ‘faith’ says something that hurts someone else, even though it has no bearing or outcome to their own lives, that is dangerous and is happening increasingly around the world with things like gay marriage, religion and whatever other stuff people find to shout. I hope that makes it a little clearer.

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