Pre-Vaccine vs Post-Vaccine

VaccinesCredit: Graphic by Leon Farrant and data by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

8 thoughts on “Pre-Vaccine vs Post-Vaccine”

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    These numbers show that not vaccinating is simply irrational.
    However, there are some ideologies declaring it as “unnatural”, causing parents not to vaccinate their children. This is true, for example, for Antroposophy. It should be seen that this is dangerous thinking and that people actually die as a result. The danger of some diseases is underestimated and played down. For example, measles have a high risk of invalidity through brain damage and even death. In some areas of the world, e.g. among native Americans, people have little resistance to it and there it was and is a mass killer. Not vaccinating your children puts them on risk but also puts others on risk, since your child might pass on the disease to people for whom it might be very dangerous, like people from population with a low natural resistance against measles and people with weakened immune systems.
    In some areas of the world, there are also conspiracy theories going around. E.g. there are such theories in some Islamic areas (e.g. in Nigeria) saying that polio vaccines are given to sterilize women. This is one of the main factors that is preventing the complete eradication of this dangerous and crippling disease.
    In many cases, irrational ideologies are just a nuisance, but in this case, they cripple and kill.

  2. I`m old enough to remember, and to have known people crippled by polio. Without question vaccines save lives. I bristle when reading news stories of the ànti-vaccine`movement. That said, I do have a few concerns.Pharmaceuticals are big business – with no way to be politically correct, I`ll just spit it out. Countries like China worry me – thinking back on the last few years numerous stories hit media regarding mislabelled, substandard, or tainted pharmaceuticals originating in China. I don`t think it`s out of line to question the ethics of a nation that poisoned its own infant formula through lax regulations, regularly ships contaminated goods of all descriptions, and launders banned exports of food such as honey via India to the U.S.Si I`m saying – yes vaccine; no shady vaccine.

    When one of my sons was in grade school he developed a horrendous cough – to the point of coughing till he threw up.Several trips to the doctor later, they finally tested him for whooping cough (pertussis). The last day of school before the Christmas break the Centre for Disease Control was knocking on my door.He tested positive, the CDC put us under quarantine. It didn`t end there – his entire class, their friends and families were quarantined and given antibiotics. He was fully immunized, up to date on all his shots including pertussis. I have to wonder. 🙂

    1. Hey notes, I’m sorry to hear about your earlier troubles, I cannot, and do not ever want to, imagine the fear and uncertainty when one’s children are involved. But allow me to make a few objective comments if I may.

      On China, you and I are on the same page. China is capable of making great technology, and I imagine medicines if they put their minds (and regulatory authority) behind it. But due to the lack of regulatory authority, lots of shady stuff comes out of China, and we should be keeping an extra watchful eye on imports from there.

      As for the terrible affliction visited upon your son, and from which I hoped he escaped, the reality of vaccinations are that nothing is perfect. While our vaccinations are amazing, no human is the same, and some do, unfortunately, develop complications, or, as perhaps in your sons case, the antigens did not take properly in developing his immune system. I hope it never happens again 🙂

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