The Bible & Science

Not at variance with any proven scientific fact. Not one I tell you, not even one. And, did you hear? They knew things they could’ve only known by divine revelation. Such examples surely include the following: insects have four legs (Leviticus 11:20-23), donkeys can talk (Numbers 22:28), and men can live in fish (not whales mind you, a fish) for three days. (Now, you can laugh.)


20 thoughts on “The Bible & Science”

  1. Did you say God (singular)? What about Psalm 82:1 which says that, β€œGod presides in the great assembly; he gives judgment among the gods” (plural)?

    1. Never saw that coming! Bham! The bible indeed was written in paganism days. Karen Armstrong in the history of god says something to this effect. It seems to be a case of monotheism after the fact, perhaps?

  2. It is interesting to learn that divine revelation is a method of science. I did not know that before. You never stop leaning. πŸ™‚
    Well, if we follow the Bible in that god exists and this god is the creator of the universe then the information scientists read out of the universe must been put there by the creator, directly or indirectly. It would then have to be considered divine revelation. If that divine revelation contradicts the Bible, that would, of, course, be bad news for the Bible.

  3. “gods revelation of himself to mankind….”

    If this god fellow wanted to reveal itself to “mankind” wouldn’t it have done a slightly better job of it than just chatting to a single man in the desert? Oh lordy, the things people fall for….

    1. Exactly. As Thomas pain said, if something is revealed to one person only, then it is revelation to that one person only, and hearsay to everyone else. So, ipso facto, the bible is revealed hearsay.

      Tell me you’ve read his Age of Reason?

          1. I’ll retire to the corner for 20 minutes after posting this.

            Can you believe just yesterday 4 books (hardcovers) arrive from Australia. Postage alone was $140…. I thanked my mother but had to say, you know, a Kindle might have been better.

            1. Good grief! Grab a Kindle my friend. If I come to brazil this year (possible in August), I can bring you if you haven’t got your hands on it. I doubt I’ll be down your way, but could send it through the post, will hit you up if I do make my way down. We’ll see, depends on the girlie.

              1. That’s very generous of you, appreciated, but with my birthday coming up i think i can wrangle one out of the better half. Already have an order in for $R900 set of new glasses (they rock!) so what’s another $R150, right? πŸ™‚

                Hey, i quoted you yesterday, again! That line about ‘if science was easy (intuitive) it wouldn’t have taken us 200,000 years to discover it,’ is brilliant. I also plugged your book. How’s sales going?

              2. You honour me by quoting me. Sales are going ok, considering I still haven’t done a thing with it, sold a few dozen copies πŸ™‚

              3. That’s nothing to sneeze at! Well done! Sales anywhere over a dozen and i believe you can officially call yourself, Published Author.

  4. They could probably ‘see’ things better in those days because they knew god was watching and so they kept their hands to themselves in case they went blind, thus preserving their eyesight. Unlike the religious crowd we have today who are nothing but a bunch of wankers…as is evidenced by this wonderful heartwarming text, ‘About the bible ‘
    Shakes head and wanders off to find a beer….

    Great post!

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