The Freebies Hundredth…And The New ‘Lowdown’

1-0-0….This is my 100th post! So to celebrate, I’m giving away Random Rationality: Expanded and S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism free for the next three days. Get’em while you can

The below links will take you to the Kindle store where you can get them free until the 22nd June:

Get Random Rationality: Expanded for free – [The UK edition is here]

What people thought of it:

Author Catherine Tosko wrote of Random Rationality: “This book is as good as (the oft-quoted by Janabi) Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot.”

Writer Ryan Culpeper wrote: “It’s very informative, witty and well written. The author took a risk by committing to such a hefty scope, but he pulls it off quite eloquently.”

Get S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism for free – [The UK edition is here]

What people thought of it:

Writer John Zande wrote of S3: “A must read for every science teacher and student. An excellent, well-researched work. Five stars.”

Biochemist Paul Little wrote: “Books of this nature leave us a bit better equipped to argue with those whose opinions we are likely unable to change.”

If you know anyone who would like to learn a thing or two about science and random stuff, consider sharing this post with them. And if you’ve happened to read one of them, I’d love to know what you think. 🙂

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle App to your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or PC and read the eBooks free there, so don’t let the lack of a Kindle dissuade you.

In other news: I’m compiling a book which will be titled, “The Lowdown on GMOs.” It will feature my “Lowdown on GMOs” series comprising 3 Q&As, as well as original, new, and updated articles by such esteemed folks asThe Lowdown on GMOs Cami Ryan, Mark Lynas, Julee K, Mike Bendzela, Karl Haro Von Mogel, Keith Kloor, Alan McHughen, and one of my own updated articles to bolster and compliment the informative interviews with the molecular biologist Kevin Folta; family farmer Brian Scott; and CEO of Okanagan Speciality Fruits, Neal Carter.

It will be released free as an eBook. Look for it within the next few months.

And in some ‘out there’ news, here’s a  cup that shows how paranoid some Italian companies are when it comes to GMOs:

gmos are evil

Random Fact: Did you know that in Italy, they call organic food “biological”? What does that make conventional food: semi-biological, un-biological, pseudo-biological?

6 thoughts on “The Freebies Hundredth…And The New ‘Lowdown’”

    1. It’s going quite well, actually. I’ve got it into the hands of one high school teacher and he’ll see if he wants to pass it on when he reads it over the holiday. 🙂

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