Random Rationality.

Allallt had some nice things (and valid criticisms) to say about my two books. As well as a better name for S3, which I totally would’ve done if I had known. R2D2!! God damn it, why didn’t I think of that?!

I’ve met some truly gifted folks on WP, and I hope one day, I get to meet them all in person. This is what the Internet is all about. 🙂

Thanks for your kind words Allallt. I hope to repay your help one day.

Allallt in discussion

A blogging buddy, Fourat Janabi, has written two books now. And you need to read them both! They are called Random Rationality (R2) and Science, Statistics and Scepticism (S3). If I’d had my way the second book would have been called Dutiful Diligence (D2 – giving the name R2D2 – but I should have voiced that a lot earlier than now). You can colour me biased here, as I had a small hand in the writing of both these books, but they are amazing concise books that give your mind a run for its money.
As the name would suggest, the first book–Random Rationality–is a somewhat disjointed but eloquent look at many of the controversial subjects we talk about today: what the hell is politics anyway?; What’s the big deal with drugs?; The Universe and Nothing; God? The book is forceful, thought provoking and great. It is the inspiration for…

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4 thoughts on “Random Rationality.”

    1. I do hope you like them, though of course, you’re not obligated to…My feelings won’t be hurt. Could I perchance squeeze an amazon review out of you (honest of course) once you’ve read them? Whether 1 or 5 stars, it would help tremendously. Have fun on your travels!

      1. You crack me up Fourat. I don’t ever feel obligated to like things …. in fact, I frequently read things I know I’ll disagree with writers on assuming there will also be commonground I wasn’t aware of yet so no worries on pressure. Will consider the reviews as asked. 🙂

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