The Lowdown on The Lowdown on GMOs

Who wants an update on my latest project? *crickets…* I’ll give you one anyway. 

The Lowdown on GMOs

I’m sure a few of my readers recall my Lowdown on GMOs interview series. The first, with a scientist, then with a family farmer, and finally, with the CEO of a biotech firm that will soon release a biotech fruit: the Arctic Apple.

The response to these interviews were huge (at least for me). My interview with a scientist, Kevin Folta, got 1,000+ shares on Facebook alone. So, I decided to combine them over at into the The Fact-Based Lowdown on GMOs (arguably not as catchy). But still, I wanted to do more with it, and I got this idea…

There are plenty of succinct, authoritative, and accessible articles on GMOs out there that make the science and benefits clear. And I was of the persuasion that, as Mark Lynas put it at his speech in Cornell University that this subject has been one of the greatest science communication failures of the last half-century. So I had an idea: why don’t I collect those articles, with permission of course, and jumble them in with my Q&As into a GMO eBook. I, humbly, set it up so that I would receive a majority of the proceeds from the book; in true capitalist fashion, 90% of the sale price of each book ($0.00) will go directly into my severely stomach-inflamed, statistically significant piggy bank.

I started reaching out to influential, but more importantly, informed folks who live, breathe, and revel in the science of biotechnology, to include the best articles I could find to put out a formidable, one-stop resource for all your GMO needs. Below is the latest breakdown of those involved in the project, and the title of their chapter.



Karl Haro Von Mogel (PhD) – Co-Director of BioFortified


Alan McHughen (PhD) – University of California, Riverside

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad GMO?


Chapter 1: Q&A

With Kevin Folta (PhD)  – The Molecular Biologist [Expanded]

With Brian Scott (BSc)   – The Family Farmer [Expanded]

With Neal Carter   – The Biotech CEO


Chapter 2: Long-Form


Mike Bendzela – Adjunct Professor & Farmer

2.1:  What It’s Like Knowing Squat about GMOs

Ramez Naam – Technologist and Best-Selling Author

2.2:  Why Organic Advocates Should Love GMOs

Steve Savage (PhD) – Plant Pathologist & Consultant

2.3:  Gorillas and the Future of Biotechnology

Anastasia Bodnar (PhD) – Geneticist and Co-Director of BioFortified

2.4:  We’re All Wearing the Same Genes

Julie Kay – Writer / Artist

2.5:  Science is Laughing at us

Cami Ryan (PhD) – Researcher & Scientist

2.6:  Why GMO Myths Are So Appealing

Keith Kloor – Adjunct Professor & Journalist

2.7:  GMO Opponents are the Climate Skeptics of the Left

Mark Lynas – Historian and Best-Selling Author

2.8:  Time to Call Out the Anti-GMO Conspiracy Theory

Suzanne Kennedy (PhD) – Director of Research and Development at MO BIO Laboratories

2.9:  Where’d the Good News Go? (Working Title)

Fourat Janabi – Writer

2.10:  Random Thoughts on Biotech


Chapter 3: Closing With



The order and content may change, but not by much. If anybody wants to write a review to release on opening day, please reach out to me and I’ll give you an advanced copy. The release date is not set in stone, but expect it within 30-60 days.

25 thoughts on “The Lowdown on The Lowdown on GMOs”

  1. This is an excellent idea. I live and teach in Burundi, central Africa – where the whole notion of GMOs is (even in the Nat. Agr. Research Center) generally not well understood. I would be happy to review, which would be from the perspective of the ‘edge’ – from a developing country / science point of view.

    1. That would be brilliant. An African perspective would be interesting, either for or against. I’ve already sent it to your inbox. Thank you 🙂

  2. I was recently wondering how this was going… glad to see you’re applying the finishing touches. It will be a valuable body of work and I’m honored to be a part of it. Thanks for including me, the Citizen Jane Doe, among such a distinguished panel of experts 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on SLEUTH 4 HEALTH and commented:
    Coming soon! Here is the table of contents of Fourat Janabi’s compilation of several GE experts, spokespeople, and even a an every day ordinary person (yours truly) who changed her mind about GMOs.

  4. Please let us know when it’s ready for purchase and I will help fill your gluttonous pockets.

  5. I think this is quite a great idea…in particular if you manage to get more public sector researchers and scientists who can contribute by telling their stories on the trials and tribulations of trying to develop products based on crops and traits that are of interest to developing countries especially smallholder farmers in those regions. This is where I think a lot of the noise is actually hurting the most….

    1. By the way I would be quite willing to review…from an international nongovernmental organization staff member type of view point…

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