Do You Fear Death?

My latest opinion piece for Elucidations on Atheism on Death…

Enquiries on Atheism

A very personal question. Short answer: no. Medium answer: yes. Long answer: Maybe. Confused? I’ll elaborate, but allow me a brief digression first.

I’m not an armchair atheist. What I mean by that is I’m not going to in some future dying moment—hopefully far in the future, I might add—repent in my final moments and cry out for god. Some might wonder how can I say that with such conviction. Well, I’ve already been there…five times. I’ve been at the wrong end of a gun (on two separate occasions), have almost been blown up (three times, I might add), and generally know what it feels like when your brain, through no will of its own, formulates the thought: “fuck, this is it!”

Now, I won’t lie. I was petrified in those moments. Shaking in my boots. I’m quite sure my heart rate was breaking some laws of biology. The first…

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