Do you believe in the finality of objective reality?

Why, yes I do…

Enquiries on Atheism

Full question by Logan Rees:

Do you believe in the finality of objective reality, despite that our only source of knowledge about that reality is subjective experience. In other words, do you believe that the physical universe is all that exists?

I think the question falsely uses the word belief. Granted, there are two definitions of the word belief: to accept without evidence (faith); and to accept a statement as true. I may be being pedantic but the question seems to be using the former, rather than the later, definition; that is, the religious meaning of belief. If that is the case, my answer is simple: No! I have evidence, I don’t need to believe.

If, however, I am mistaken in my assumption and Logan intended the meaning of his question to reflect the latter meaning, then yes! Now, however, I must first go on a tangent, so please…

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