My Books of 2013

It’s the end of the year again. Maybe it’s just me, but each year seems to go by quicker than the year before (perhaps I’m getting old). Anyway, it only seemed like last week that I signed up to and was presented with the challenge of setting a goal of reading X books this year; I just had to–eerily reminiscent of school–find (choose, rather) X. The Kindle fiend that I am (as well as my lack of employment in the opening months of the year) conspired to set the target of books to read during 2013 at fifty. And two days ago, I finished my 50th book and got this nice screenshot to show off with.

You’ll notice a few books haloed by a coloured border. The green bordered one with the larger star is my favourite fiction book, while its smaller starred cousin is the runner-up. Same for red which indicates non-fiction. Blue-bordered books deserve honourable mentions.

My 50 books of 2013 - with favourites

How many books did you read?

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