This Post & Others Like it Should Not Exist

The controversy over vaccines has been popping its head up a little more than usualat least, so it seems from my vantage point. There is the Chili’s controversy; Mike Adam’s lunatic appeal to Neil deGrasse Tyson to denounce the use of mercury (he meant thimerosal) in the flu shot, and the usual spiel of links and articles that keep showing up in my Facebook news feed. That being said, I follow a hilarious page on Facebook: Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes. And, perhaps because I’ve recently become a father, I’ve taken a liking to their counterpoints to the horrendous talking points that the anti-vax groups bellow out in every direction to any who dares forfeit their prefrontal cortex. Below, I’ve catalogued my favourite memes that I’ve come across from their Page. Check’em out and go follow the page if so inclined:

anti-vaxxer copy

You’d think the above was obvious…yet, people still think vaccines are about making money…

ethyl vs methyl

Methyl-Mercury is 100% natural…Yet its bad for you; so, why is natural immunity any good?

anti-vax pro-drunk

Statistics 101…

formaldehyde - vaccines

Appealing to Nature helps you none…

mercury hydrogen bomb

vaccine conspiracy theories

More logicz…

maths, vaccines, and profit

2+2 = 4.

vaccine research

If you can’t answer every single question, you’ve no business telling other folks to not vaccinate…

my unvaccinated kid vs yours

Which is very similar to the below meme

sober driving

Mirror-image velociraptor for the win!


Why, yes it would…

vaccine-seatbelt comparison

Funny how replacing the word ‘vaccine’ makes it sound just as stupid.



Considering the centuries of data and evidence we possess, if you are anti-vax…

Science Proves you Wrong

And regarding your opinion’s empowerment in this Age of Misinformation…

MLK Quote There were so many more that I wanted to post, so be sure to check’em out for a good-hearted laugh. Live long and vaccinate…

7 thoughts on “This Post & Others Like it Should Not Exist”

  1. I’m going to borrow the pop quiz above. In fact I am going to adapt it for GMO’s, Stem cell research and any subject where a certain amount of technical knowledge can go a long way to dispelling common misconceptions. I expect it will save me a good deal of time. There is a difference between doing research and understanding the research you have done 🙂

    1. Your concluding sentence is brilliant. “there is a difference between doing research and understanding the research you have done”. I am stealing that one mate! When you do that pop quiz, can I post them here? 🙂

  2. Great post. It no longer surprises me how poor information, skewed/incorrect data can sweep public opinion. Granted, new of the US government and the CIA setting up a fake vaccination program in Pakistan in an attempt to capture Bin Laden DNA brought out every conspiracy-theorist did more damage to the value of vaccines. I wonder if people will every put aside an agenda and just look at the facts and act rationally? (rhetorical question)

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