Random, Weird, and F*cked up Search Terms

Throwing a wrench into the usual style and content of my posts, here are the weirdest search terms that people have used to stumble across my site:

  • nudity human breasts
  • naked milk breasts
  • how about you shut up
  • udders cow tumblr
  • bill maher hates palestinians
  • career politician virus
  • cow breasts
  • a woman’s human body
  • hairy vagina
  • gmo wackos
  • asian women naked boobs
  • naked woman breast front covered by hand
  • laser scanning breasts
  • real breasts
  • idiot australian
  • a real human breast
  • woman’s human body
  • fuck fuel cut

Some of these are just weird: Who the hell searches for “cow breasts”? And how, oh how, does Google land that “hairy vagina” wacko on Random Rationality? I’m also having trouble understanding the plethora of boobs and breasts in there. I did write a post on the relationship between religion and human milk, but what then propels that porn-seeking individual to click-through to a site called Random Rationality. Perhaps the “Biting off more than I can chew” subtitle? Not cool…

Any other bloggers out there with similar stories and terms? If so, what are the weirdest search terms that have landed a visitor on your page?

12 thoughts on “Random, Weird, and F*cked up Search Terms”

  1. “bart fatality”, “mature bratislava sex”, “sleazy guy”, “thailand sexuality”, “dollofan fish fuck pics”, “how to make homemade fuck machines”

  2. I love looking at how people find my site, too.. Some very sick things .. and I get embarrassed when my site comes up in other results that have nothing to do with what people are searching for.

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