The Lowdown on GMOs

The Lowdown on GMOs

Public distrust of GMOs has increased in recent years. The animosity is everywhere; from initiatives popping up left, right, and center to label’em, ban’em, or warn the public. The media overplays the reports and plays into the deft game of extrapolating far beyond what the science says as well as ignoring expert opinion on what the science actually implies.

The Lowdown on GMOs: According to Science is THE book on GMOs intended to counter the rampant fallacious thinking and destructive activism permeating the biotech discussion based on little more than anecdote and ideology.

Featuring the writings of public scientists, plant pathologists, renowned authors, farmers, science writers, professors, and journalists, they answer the hard questions asked of GMOs with elegance, ease, and evidence.

This is a book for those who want to know what the science actually says, where the evidence actually leads and what are the potential implications.

It’s hard to find this level of quality discussion on this topic around the internet, where murky misinforming fear-mongers overwhelm the discussions ~ Mary Mangan, PhD.